22, Ruhrgebiet

Im Augenblick lese ich Die erste Liebe (nach 19 vergeblichen Versuchen) von John Green.

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20, Baden-Württemberg

Im Augenblick lese ich Dragonfly von Julia Golding.

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22, Bayern

Im Augenblick lese ich Traumsplitter von Tanja Heitmann.

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22, Köln

Im Augenblick lese ich Invisible von Paul Auster.

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Zitate aus Rules of Attraction

Simone Elkeles

“No, thanks. I like my unproductive life just fine.”
“It’s the way you said it, not what you said.”
She wants to be with me. I want to be with her. Why complicate it by sayin’ anything else?
“You gotta stop before this gets out of hand, ’cause I won’t.”
It’s obvious he’s freaking out and regretting what we did. I get it. I don’t know what triggered it just now, but I get it.
As much as I told myself that fooling around with him wouldn’t make our relationship serious, I hoped otherwise.